Beetles constitute nearly a quarter of all known organisms. About 40% of described insect species are beetles with millions of other species still left undiscovered. Although some beetles are environmentally

 beneficial, they don’t belong in your home or garden.

Beetle control faces challenges from growing globalization, which introduces invasive, non-native species into our ecosystem. For instance, Japanese beetles are native to Japan but made their way to the United States in the early 1900s, quickly spreading across the country.

Japanese beetle control isn’t an issue in Japan because natural predators keep populations in check. Without those predators in America, Japanese beetles pose danger to about 200 species of plants, including grape vines, hop plants, and rose bushes—all of which are key components to Southern California’s agriculture.

June bugs are another common beetle pest. The scientific name is phyllophaga, which is derived from Greek for “leaf eater.” June bugs feed primarily on foliage of trees and shrubs. Their grubs feed on plant roots, causing extensive damage to numerous vegetables and garden plants, including potatoes, lettuce, raspberries, and strawberries.

Apex Pest and Lawn uses environmentally friendly treatments tailored specifically to your needs to eliminate beetles and June bugs and protect your home and garden from future invasions. Please contact us now if you are having trouble with beetle or June bug control.