Apex Pest and Lawn is Utah's Choice for a Beautiful, Weed Free, and Environmentally Responsible Lawn

Apex Pest and Lawn Service has been treating lawns with eco-friendly products for years. Our success comes from making sure you have a dark green, weed free lawn that is the showcase of the neighborhood. We work hard to exceeding our client's expectations! We make sure our customer's lawn stand out for the right reasons. With thick, healthy and weed free turf for the entire season. Our commitment to the environment gives you peace of mind. We offer the best value and give you the lawn you can appreciate and admire.

Apex Pest and Lawn Service Difference

If you're looking for a quality lawn that is thick and healthy then Apex Pest and Lawn control is the best choice.

We make sure your lawn is treated for its individual needs. We analyze the lawn and then apply the correct fertilizer that will fertilize your lawn the best. The same mix for every lawn is a mistake and is constantly being made by most of the lawn fertilization companies in the Salt Lake Valley.

  • Only high quality, slow-release granular fertilizers and liquid fertilization applications that provide quality nutrients through your lawn's root system are used by us.
  • Highly effective liquid weed controls are used to eliminate ugly, hard to control weeds!
  • You will receive simple-to-follow advice on every visit. You'll also receive unlimited free service calls to make sure your lawn reaches its fullest potential.

Weed Control

Immediate help to solve the problem:

Weeds are just bothersome in a lawn and it's our goal to eliminate them. But more important, lots of weeds in a lawn are an indication that perhaps there's something missing from the soil. Weed seeds usually require lots of sunlight to germinate, and if the lawn was thick and healthy, there just wouldn't be enough sunlight available for lawn weeds to get started. So applying the correct fertilization throughout the growing season is the key to a healthy lawn. Our seasonal yearly programs are cost effective and reliable to help the lawn achieve its best and lush state.

We can control weeds if they're present; we always spray or granulate lawns with the correct weed control for the weed problem we are solving. We never use products that aren't needed in your lawn. Every lawn is different and we use the appropriate fertilizer and weed control that best fits your lawn, without exception. This way your lawn will have an ideal foundation to grow thick and healthy and prevent weed seeds from germinating.


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