Got Termites?

No Worries Apex Pest And Lawn Is Here To Help

Apex Pest and Lawn has been treating termites since 2009.  Here is how the process works; first, we will come out to the property and perform a thorough inspection and develop a plan to efficiently eliminate the termite infestation. Next, our technician will thoroughly explain the scope of work involved, give you a written guarantee and a firm price before any work begins. Finally, we will eliminate the infestation so you can rest easy. 

Apex Pest and lawn is committed to fighting the battle against Subterranean Termites in Utah along the Wasatch front.

Termites are reported to cause 5 Billion dollars in damage annually in the United States. Utah is no exception. Because termites feed primarily on wood, they are capable of compromising the strength and safety of an infested structure. Termite damage can render structures unlivable until expensive repairs are conducted.

Signs that you might have a Subterranean Termite infestation

Interior damage may not be visible until termites are well established in the structure. Things to look out for are mud or shelter tubes coming up the foundation wall. Peeling paint or mazes on walls are a good indication of termite activity. Also look for buckling on the floors and ceiling as well as damage to door and window trim. Another sign you might have termite activity is swarming of black winged reproductives in the spring and summer. The winged reproductive looks much like a winged ants but can be easily identified by a trained professional.

About termite inspections:

Apex Pest and Lawn does Termite inspections and reports for real estate professionals needing a NPMA-33 Wood Destroying Insect Report for VA and FHA loans as well as home buyers and homeowners who suspect they may have Termite activity in their home. Our highly trained technicians will perform a thorough visual inspect for Termite and other wood destroying insects in the home or commercial building. After the inspection is complete we will provide the report for real estate transactions. If we do find Termite activity we will be glad to give you a free no obligation estimate on the spot.

Use The Best Products Available To Protect Your Home

We strongly believe in using the best products available to protect your home. That is why we use Termidor H.E for the elimination of Termites in and around your home. Termidor H.E works better than traditional termiticides because it is a slow acting non repellent termiticide that transfers from one Termite to another, ultimately eliminating the queen and colony within 3 months. It has been tested and proven to be effective in the soil for ten years.
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Termite Inspection